Josef hírek

2010.09.19. 11:19

Election 2010 - Fidesz Budapest mayoral candidate says homeless issue to be solved humanely

<p>Budapest, September 16 (MTI) - The Fidesz-Christian-Democratic candidate to head the Budapest municipality on Thursday said that a humane solution would be found for the city s homeless.</p>

Istvan Tarlos told MTI on the sidelines of a conference on public security that the needs of the homeless should be met with close cooperation between local authorities and the Hungarian Maltese Cross charity. He said that conditions must be created for meeting the housing, healthcare and welfare needs of the homeless as well as to help their re-integration into society and the workforce.

    Tarlos promised that if he is voted mayor of Budapest he will review the situation of homeless shelters and said that "it is very definite" that a mixed-sex shelter would be opened to accommodate homeless couples.

    However, he also said that everyone would be asked to "abide by the basic rules of human cohabitation and cooperation" and if someone violated these rules, the authorities would take action. But even in these cases, the advice of the Maltese Cross staff would be solicited, he added.

    Hungary will hold local elections on October 3. The incumbent Gabor Demszky, who has been mayor of Budapest for 20 years, will not run for another term.

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