Josef hírek

Budapest, June 11 (MTI) - Roma should be helped to get along on their own instead of being fed central policies as was the case over the past twenty years, the deputy ombudsman for the protection of minority rights said on Tuesday.
Budapest, June 12 (MTI) - News about who in Europe may be affected by US surveillance programmes in light of information given by the NSA whistleblower is contradictory, while the authorities involved are putting up a smoke-screen, the head of Hungary s d
Budapest, June 13 (MTI) - A new government strategy on infocommunications will aim to enhance digital infrastructure, improve Hungary s digital literacy, create a digital state and support R+D in the sector in the upcoming years, the state secretary for i
Bratislava, June 13 (MTI) - The presidents of Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania expressed support for the construction of the Nabucco gas pipeline in a letter addressed to their Azerbaijani counterpart, Austrian President Heinz Fischer told reporters