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2011.01.23. 11:54

POLL - Fidesz tops Socialists 34 to 11 pc in Jan

<p>Budapest, January 21 (MTI) - Hungary s governing Fidesz party had the support of 34 percent of voters in January, as against 11 percent of the rival opposition Socialists, a poll by Ipsos published in Friday s Nepszabadsag daily said.</p>

The radical nationalist Jobbik party had 6 percent and the green Politics Can Be Different (LMP) party 4 percent support in the whole sample.

    Fully 43 percent of respondents said they would not vote or were undecided.

    Among decided voters, Fidesz garnered the support of 65 percent over the Socialists 17 percent, while Jobbik and LMP had 11 and 5 percent, respectively. Fidesz s support was up from 62 percent in December last year, and support for the Socialists dropped from 21 percent in the previous month. Jobbik gained one point and LMP lost one point compared to December support figures in the decided voter group.

    Fidesz s voter base continues to appear easily mobilised with 71 percent saying they would participate in an election held this weekend, compared to only 53 percent among Socialist supporters. Two-thirds of respondents backing Jobbik would turn up at the polls, while more than half of LMP supporters claimed they were only supportive in attitude and would not actually vote for the party.

    Gauging dispreferences among Fidesz and Socialist supporters, the poll found that 60 percent of the Socialist base disliked Fidesz while 65 percent of respondents with a Fidesz affiliation claimed they were distanced from the Socialist party. A fifth of Socialist supporters expressed a negative view of Jobbik, compared to 10 percent among Fidesz-voters, the poll said.

    The poll was taken on January 8-15 on a sample of 1,500.

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