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2010.09.05. 10:56

Socialists lambast first 100 days of Fidesz gov t, Jobbik calls for more radical steps

<p>Budapest, September 3 (MTI) - The main opposition Socialist party branded the first hundred days of the Hungarian government as a "frenzied race" while the radical nationalist Jobbik called for more radical measures on Friday, ahead of the prime minister s formal assessment next week.</p>

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been invited to speak next Tuesday in front of the Batthyany Society of Professors, a conservative advisory group, and discuss the results of measures taken since his centre-right Fidesz party entered office on May 29 after a sweeping victory in the April general election.

    Socialist party leader Attila Mesterhazy told a press conference on Friday that the first phase of the new government had shaken Hungary and democracy.

    "The period was marked by broken promises, threats to democracy and lost opportunities," he said.

    Mesterhazy criticised the government for stalling radical tax cuts and measures to improve public safety, both a part of the Fidesz party s campaign promises. He said the government had failed to stabilise the forint s exchange rate to help borrowers in foreign currencies and instead has twice contributed to a plunge in the forint/euro rate during its first 100 days. He charged that the government has installed its party cadres into top administrative jobs and it wants to pass a media law, which curtails the freedom of the press.

    Jobbik leader Gabor Vona on the other hand called the government s measures too lenient in terms of public safety and economic questions. He blamed the government for its failure to reopen talks on national debt, review the country s EU membership, eliminate tax evasion by multinational companies and nationalise pension funds. Vona added that the government had failed to address the most crucial social-economic issues, such as putting a stop to what he called "Gypsy crime" and preventing the bankruptcy of borrowers of foreign currency-based mortgages.

    The green opposition Politics Can Be Different (LMP) party promised to give an assessment of the government s 100 days this weekend.

    Recent polls show Fidesz to have maintained an overwhelming lead over the main rival Socialists ahead of Hungary s local elections on October 3.

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