Josef hírek

2010.09.26. 10:30

Police staff to rise by 3,500 by 2012, says minister

<p>Budapest, September 24 (MTI) - The number of officers in Hungary s police force will be increased by 4,500 new recruits within the next two years, police chief Sandor Pinter said, after meeting the mayor of a central Budapest district with a high crime rate, on Friday.</p>

He said that after fluctuations an overall staff increase of 3,500 is expected in the police force by 2012.

    Police presence will be strengthened not only in Budapest but in small towns and villages as well, he added.

    Speaking about tasks ahead of the national police Pinter said fighting corruption was a priority, including within the police force.

    Pinter joined mayor Mate Kocsis, who is seeking re-election running in ruling Fidesz colours in the October 3 local election, on a walk-through of the district s high-crime zones.

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