Employers help summer workers get winter jobs abroad

Budapest, November 26 (MTI) – Western Hungary’s touristic regions have started organising winter work opportunities abroad for their staff in order to keep them on the following summer, business daily Napi Gazdasag said on Friday.

The new popular trend means catering and other seasonal staff at hotels, bars and restaurants near Lake Balaton are accepting engagements at foreign ski resorts for the winter by the hundreds. If this type of organised “work exchange” really takes off, it could give a new impetus to the seasonal workflow, the paper said.

    Data from regional employment centres in western Hungary show that job-seekers in the catering sector have dropped by 10-15 percent over the past few weeks which suggests that the organised winter employment is now an option. Ferenc Csepeli, an official of the West Balaton region tourism office, said it appears that more and more employers try to find winter work for their best employees to keep them on staff. Local councils in the region have helped support this kind of seasonal work abroad, Csepeli said.

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