Josef hírek

2011.01.02. 12:07

Floods rising, area covered with inland waters expanding

<p>Budapest, December 27 (MTI) - As a result of rain and melting snow, the local water management authorities reported rising river levels from north-eastern Hungary on Monday.</p>

First or second-degree flood alerts have been ordered along the upper section of the river Tisza and its tributaries on a total spread of 2,067 kilometres.

    Altogether 3,365 square kilometres, over three percent of Hungary s territory, have been inundated by inland waters, triggering the evacuation of 88 people. An alert is in force in 206 localities with 1,725 flood control workers and 355 heavy-duty pumps deployed to remove water from streets, courtyards and basements.

    Of the area under water, some 1,830 square kilometres are arable land.

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