Josef hírek

2011.01.09. 11:29

European journalists ask Barroso to get Hungary media law changed

<p>Brussels, January 6 (MTI) - The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) asked President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso on Thursday that he and his team should carefully analyse Hungary s media law and its implementation and encourage the amendment of it.</p>

In a letter addressed to Barroso ahead of his visit to Budapest, the Brussels-based journalist federation said "we are convinced that it will be necessary to launch an infringement procedure against Hungary under Article 6 of the EU treaty, if the Hungarian government does not radically change the law as in place now."     According to EFJ, the law and its implementation should be analysed not only with regard to technical criteria but also "with regard to the principles enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights."       EFJ expressed the belief that not only the principle of journalism is at stake but also the credibility of the European Union as a political institution defending human rights.

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