Voters with kids should get more votes in elections, says Fidesz MEP

Budapest, February 11 (MTI) – Hungary should explore the idea of giving more votes in the general and local elections to parents, and the more kids under the age of 18 the more votes the parents should be allowed, a lawmaker of the ruling Fidesz party said on Friday.

Jozsef Szajer, a senior Fidesz politician who is a member of the European Parliament, told MTI he wanted to start a national consultation on giving parents the right to a vote for themselves as well as their children. One matter to be decided on is how to distribute the votes between parents, he said.    

    The debate on the initiative is expected to take place as part of national consultations on the new constitution currently being drafted, he added. The vote-plus issue will be inserted into the constitution if the outcome of the social debate warrants it, Szajer said.

    He said he would be very proud were Hungary to become the first in the world to broaden the vote, since minors are the last group of society that cannot participate in public affairs.