Transaction tax to be borne by public, says Socialist MP

Budapest, May 3 (MTI) – It is an illusion to believe that the planned financial transaction tax will not affect households and businesses as it will only be payable by banks, Socialist MP Sandor Burany said on Thursday.

Just as the bank levy has increased the costs of financial services, so will the new transaction tax, the opposition lawmaker said.


The bank levy has generated a shortage of credit which hit businesses in need, he said.


Burany reacted to Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Wednesday statement that the financial transaction tax would be payable by banks rather than by residents, and that the government had succeeded in preventing banks from passing on the bank levy to residents.


The Socialist lawmaker supported, however, Orban’s request to deputies of the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democratic parties to adopt key budget figures and tax laws for next year before parliament breaks up for the summer. But this year’s budget already has had to be amended and the government is planning to introduce a phone-call tax before the end of the year, so this goal lacked credibility, he added.

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