SURVEY – Majority support amendment of early retirement regulations

Budapest, June 3 (MTI) – Some 69 percent of Hungary’s voting-age adults consider the current regulations allowing early retirement for law enforcement workers unjust, a recent survey by Szazadveg Foundation published on Friday shows.  

The survey conducted in late May with a sample of 1,000 adults, revealed that 93 percent of those polled had heard of the demonstration planned by law-enforcement and fire-services workers over government plans to scrap early retirement. Some one-fifth of voting-age adults said the government should not change the early retirement system, 10 percent had no opinion on the matter and 69 percent said it was not right to allow certain groups an early retirement option.


Even among those who said they supported left-wing parties, the majority support changing early retirement rules, Szazadveg said. One-third of the people in this group said the regulations should not be changed.


Among middle-of-the-field voters who cited a neutral ideological affiliation, 70 percent opted for a change and 21 percent were against it.


Among right-wing supporters, 78 percent believe the regulations need to be changed and 15 percent were against change, Szazadveg said.


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