Support for govt Fidesz rock solid – Median/HVG

Budapest, November 25 (MTI) – Voter support for the ruling Fidesz alliance with the Christian Democrats remained rock solid in November with 44 percent of the electorate approving of the governing side — unchanged from October –compared to 14 percent backing for the main Socialist opposition party, a survey by Median in Thursday’s HVG weekly showed.

Taking decided voters with a definite intention to vote, the ruling alliance notched up 66 percent as against 17 percent for the Socialists, the poll showed.

    Radical nationalist party Jobbik scored 7 percent in the whole sample and 11 percent among decided voters, while Politics Can Be Different had 4 percent and 5 percent in these respective categories.

    Fully 29 percent of respondents did not favour any party, according to Median’s poll.

    The personal popularity rating of Pal Schmitt, the president, dropped from 60 percent to 54 percent, while that of Viktor Orban, the prime minister, fell to 56 percent from 68 percent, though Orban still tops the popularity list of politicians, the survey found.