Socialists needed to unseat Orban but Socialists alone can’t – Bajnai

Budapest, October 25 (MTI) – The new democratic opposition forces won’t be able to unseat the conservative government of Viktor Orban without the main opposition Socialist party, and the Socialists do not have enough support to challenge Orban’s Fidesz party on their own, Gordon Bajnai said in an interview to Nepszabadsag Online on Thursday.

The head of the Patriotism and Progress Association said the new Together 2014 movement set up with the Milla and Solidarity organisations did not want to compete with the other parties, and the goal was rather to address a voting constituency which today’s opposition parties failed to reach.


“We must agree on the principles and moral basis as well as an operable governing programme of a new period with everyone who wishes to join,” said the former prime minister who ran a technocratic government with Socialist backing in the year up to Fidesz’s election win in spring 2010. He said the job was to create a strong, centrist opposition alternative to the current rulers. He added that people who now spoke about the allocation of positions harmed the initiative.


Bajnai said the Socialist party’s faults had played a part in the party’s negative image in the pre-2010 period, but he also remembered a Socialist party which had been capable of serving the interests of the country when it supported measures in 2009 to dig Hungary out of its financial crisis.


He said the party had stabilised its position since its 2010 beating, and now had a clearer profile and was a healthier, more disciplined and “major centrist party”.