Socialist leader warns against “self-destructive arguments”

Budapest, June 12 (MTI) – Socialist Party head Attila Mesterhazy warned against “self-destructive arguments” and said the party ought to be “like a beehive, not like a wasp nest” in a statement published on his website and sent to MTI.  

“Real unity does not mean that we shut the door in the face of those who make arguments, but those involved in these arguments must reach a consensus and establish a joint position for which they will fight together,” Mesterhazy said. “Real unity means common goals which will inspire and bring us together,” he added.


Mesterhazy made the statement amidst speculation of a possible schism in the Socialist Party between those who back his vision of a firmly left-wing party which appeals to its traditional base or the vision of a centrist outfit which also appeals to homeless liberals promoted by former prime minister and party leader Ferenc Gyurcsany.