Security high as train carrying hazardous material passes through Hungary

Budapest, November 20 (MTI) – A train carrying hazardous materials under police protection passed through Hungary on Saturday, the communications office of the National Police Headquarters said when asked by MTI on Saturday.

The police declined to give any further information about the train, but MTI learnt it was bound for the border with Slovenia.

    MTI’s correspondent said the train was pulling 20 carriages. Two at the front, one in the middle and one at the end were passenger carriages – with Belgrade home station marks – carrying civilians and commandos. The other 15 container cars were clearly marked with the yellow and black radiation hazard symbol.

    Police were stationed at all train stations and railway crossings along the path the train took.

    Serbian daily Press said on its website that the train was carrying spent nuclear fuel rods from Belgrade to Slovenia via Hungary. The rods will be taken by ship from the Port of Koper to Russia, the paper said.

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