Recent events in Romania cause for concern, says state secy

Cluj, May 10 (MTI) – Recent developments in Romania, including government statements about the law on voting rights and the minority law, as well as the issue of the medical school of Targu Mures, are causes for concern, foreign ministry state secretary Zsolt Nemeth said on Thursday.

Nemeth told MTI that in recent years Romanian-Hnugarian relations had been characterised by mutual respect and a recognition of each others’ interests, resulting in many successful projects.


It would be a mistake “if the promising development of Hungarian-Romanian relations came to an end and this would be a mistake not only from the point of the two countries but it would also harm the stability of Central Europe and growth and prosperity,” he said.


He added, however, that it was still possible to avoid the danger and the Hungarian government had the political will to do so.


A new left-wing government entered office in Romania on Monday and one of its first measures was to prevent the setting up of a Hungarian department at the medical school of Targu Mures. Government representatives stated that the system of proportionate representation would be eliminated and a new election system would be based purely on individual constituencies. They also made it clear that Romania’s minority law would be approved without a chapter on cultural autonomy.


Csaba Tabajdi, Hungarian MEP of the main opposition Socialists, said in a statement sent to EP President Martin Schulz and Leader of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats Hannes Swoboda on Thursday that the activities of the new Romanian government “do not appear to be minority-friendly, but quite the opposite, they thwart the achievements in Hungarian-Romanian ethnic relations.”


Planned measures against ethnic minorities do not serve the peaceful co-existence of the Romanian majority and Hungarian minority nor the stability of Central Europe, he added.