Radical Jobbik leader complains public TV, Radio rejected party ad

Budapest, September 24 (MTI) – Leader of the radical nationalist Jobbik party, Gabor Vona, complained on Friday that Hungarian public television MTV and radio MR were refusing to air its party political broadcast ahead of the October 3 local elections. MTV and MR leaders said the ad, which refers to “Gypsy crime”, failed to comply with broadcasting standards.

The Jobbik ad talks of the need to sweep aside corrupt politicians, multinationals and “Gypsy crime”.

    Vona said the refusal to broadcast the ad was an illegal attack on freedom of expression and unprecedented over the past 20 years. He vowed to take the case to the National Elections Committee.

    MR said the ad harmed individual rights and personal dignity, as well as inciting hatred against a minority. MTV legal experts said that the party broadcast would have contravened a passage of the media law on harming minority rights.

    The National Elections Committee (OVB) turned down the complaint on formal grounds. In a 5:4 vote, OVB decided not to deal with the complaint as it did not contain Vona’s address.