Proposed division of Romania’s regions endangers ethnic map, says deputy PM

Budapest, June 16 (MTI) – The recently proposed division of regions in Romania will represent an intentional and unacceptable change of the country’s ethnic map, deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen told public television on Thursday.  

The new proposed arrangement poses a serious threat to the survival of ethnic Hungarians in Szekler land and Transylvania, Semjen, who is also the minister in charge of Hungary’s policy of the nation, said.


Semjen said similar plans had surfaced in the past, and it was hard to tell amid the current “stormy” political circumstances how serious they were.


“It is a matter of life and death for the ethnic Hungarians that the historic region of Szekler land and Hungarian-populated counties should remain as one,” Semjen said.


“Romania has even undertaken international obligations not to change its ethnic map by force,” he said.


The deputy prime minister said the plan evoked bad memories of anti-Hungarian measures during the Ceausescu rule when the autonomous Mures area was scrapped, Semjen said. Hungary’s position is that even if changes are introduced, the “reality” of Szekler land must be respected, he added.


Semjen said that if the co-ruling PD-L party’s proposed merger of existing counties were to go ahead, the proportion of ethnic Hungarians in the new administrative units would drop dramatically.

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