Post makes Hungary full member of bloc, says state secy

Budapest, June 2 (MTI) – Filling the post of President of the European Union has made Hungary a full member of the community, State Secretary at the Foreign Ministry Zsolt Nemeth told foreign policy experts of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democratic party alliance in Siofok (W) on Thursday.  

The six-month presidency has gone smoothly, and offered Hungary an opportunity to develop mechanisms and relations to help fit in the European community, Nemeth said.


Concerning the presidency’s achievements, the state secretary mentioned the package of laws facilitating economic governance at a European level and the European Roma strategy, and added that concluding Croatia’s accession talks was a key objective before Hungary’s term is over in a month.


Discussing foreign policy, Nemeth said implementation of Hungary’s citizenship act – a law facilitating easy access to Hungarian citizenship for ethnic Hungarians in other countries – has been a top priority. He noted that the number of applicants, mostly from neighbouring countries, had reached 80,000.


The government is committed to introducing a new kind of nation policy as well as a neighbourhood policy, Nemeth said.


“Hungarians across the border should feel that the mother country supports them, and if they have grievances, that country will stand up for them,” he insisted.