POLL – Ruling Fidesz and main rival boost support in October

Budapest, October 18 (MTI) – Both conservative ruling party Fidesz and its main rival, the Socialist Party, increased their support in October, according to a survey by Ipsos published on Thursday.

Fidesz enjoyed the support of 20 percent, that is 1.6 million voters, while the Socialists had the backing of 16 percent, or 1.3 million, among the whole electorate. At its nadir, Fidesz had the support of 16 percent in July, when the Socialists had 14 percent.


Radical nationalist Jobbik stood at 7 percent in October, compared with 10 percent in July, and Politics Can Be Different (LMP), whose platform highlights green issues, had 3 percent, two percentage points short of the 5 percent needed for a parliamentary mandate. The leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) party stayed level with 2 percent.


In the sample of committed voters, Fidesz scored 41 percent, the Socialists notched up 33 percent, Jobbik had 15 percent while LMP and DK had 6 and 4 percent, respectively.