Orban sends questionaires to pensioners

Budapest, September 8 (MTI) – Prime Minsiter Viktor Orban is sending letters to every Hungarian pensioner with a questionaire on what their expectations of the government are, taking into account the country’s current situation, the PM’s spokesman said on Wednesday.

Peter Szijjarto said the action formed part of the government’s national consultation project but that the costs of sending the 1.7 million letters would be borne by the Fidesz party rather than the government.

    He said that the government wanted to devote greater attention to the concerns of pensioners and to solving their problems than its governing predecessor did.

    Szijjarto said that Orban’s government is committed to maintaining the real value of pension payments.

    He said that it was hoped that replies would be forthcoming by October 1, which is designated as International Day of Older Persons. The government will take into consideration responses when forming its policies which have an impact on social security and the lives of pensioners.

    Hungary holds local elections on October 3.

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