Orban announces govt changes

Budapest, May 11 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced changes in his government on Friday morning.

Mihaly Varga will take over as Hungary’s chief negotiator for financial aid with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Orban told public radio Kossuth. Varga, who is state secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, will take over the post on June 1, from Tamas Fellegi, he said.


Fellegi has asked to be releived of his duties as of May 15, citing plans to return to the international business world. In a letter to Orban sent to MTI on Friday, Fellegi said he had completed the task assigned him last December, that as a member of the government he should direct and coordinate negotiations and efforts to start talks with the IMF and the EU on financial aid.


Fellegi said he had completed his task successfully and after technical obstacles are removed official talks with the IMF can begin. These will concern macroeconomic and budgetary policy and to lead these, an official with extensive knowledge of the areas of finance, taxation and budget is needed.


Orban thanked him for his work and asked him to advise him in the future.


“Tamas Fellegi has completed his task,” Orban said. “It was very hard work, I am very greatful for what he has done,” he added.


Amid great resistance he has secured the start of talks with the IMF and the EU for Hungary, for which the whole country should be greatful, Orban added. He said now an expert in economics was needed to carry out talks.


Three state secretaries will work at the Prime Minister’s Office in the future, two of them in legal posts and a third one will be responsible for the prime minister’s external relations. This latter area will grow in significance over the next two years, Orban said.


Orban also announced that Janos Lazar would be heading the Prime Minister’s Office, moving on from his post as leader of the Fidesz parliamentary group. He is proposed to be replaced by Antal Rogan, mayor of district 5 and head of parliament’s economic committee, Orban said. Lazar will have to give up his mayorship of Hodmezovasarhely (SE Hungary) to take the post, he said.


Orban said he has completed the reshuffle of his government and will not take further moves.