One-third of sec school students plan to live abroad in next 15 years

Budapest, September 14 (MTI) – One-third of Hungarian secondary school students have plans to live abroad within the next 15 years and every fifth university student plans to leave the country after graduation, Magyar Nemzet daily said on Tuesday, citing a study by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).

Among the secondary school students asked about their future plans for MTA’s volume on Hungary in 2025 only 39 percent said they planned to stay and work in the country, the paper said. Around 33 percent said they wanted to go abroad, mostly for studying purposes, while another 31 percent had no definite plan yet. Among those indicating to go abroad in these groups, two-thirds said they would stay within the EU.

    In the group of university students, however, 61 percent said they had plans to stay in Hungary and only 19 percent stated definite plans to go abroad.

    Erzsebet Novaky, the head of the team that conducted the study, told the paper that in their expectation the majority of Hungarian youth who go abroad will later return.

    She said that many young graduates become discouraged seeing that even a degree from a prominent university does not earn them an ultimate pass to a job.

    In order to encourage their return to Hungary, society should be more open and supportive of those with a spirit of enterprise and openness to change, she said.

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