Nearly half of Hungarians would contribute to govt debt cut

Budapest, February 9 (MTI) – Nearly half of Hungarians would be prepared to contribute cash to cutting the government debt, Nezopont Institute said on Wednesday, citing a recent survey.

The survey, conducted from January 17 to 22 with a representative sample of 1,000 adults, showed that 95 percent of those asked considered the high level of government debt a tough challenge.

    The answers were only slightly influenced by the respondents’ party affiliation: 90-91 percent of the opposition Socialist and green Politics Can Be Different (LMP) supporters and 96-98 percent of governing Fidesz and opposition Jobbik voters called the government debt a heavy burden.

    Forty five percent of the sample would be ready to help reduce the debt by contributing 2,500 forints of a year, an amount corresponding to the average daily cost of living.

    Forty nine percent of those in working age (18-60 years) and 65 percent of over-than-average-earners would be prepared to participate in the action.

    The pattern of answers by party affiliation, however, showed a more varied picture. While over half of Fidesz and LMP supporters would be prepared for such sacrifice, the related proportion was merely 46 percent among Jobbik supporters and 31 percent among Socialist sympathisers.

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