MEP urges preparation of Hungarian Danube strategy

Brussels, October 26 (MTI) – Hungarian MEP of the main opposition Socialists Csaba Tabajdi urged the preparation of a Hungarian Danube strategy during a debate in Strasbourg about the Danube strategy late on Thursday.

He said the Danube strategy was a Hungarian initiative during the country’s EU presidency last year and it has the potential to become a Central European success story. The fact that such a strategy can encourage countries to join forces in economy, development policy, transport, energy and environmental protection can in itself bring results, he added.


“Hungary, however, can only profit from this if it works out its own Danube strategy and decides for what purposes it wants to utilise the river,” he said.


He highlighted domestic shipping and irrigation as possibilities for utilisation.


It would be important for Hungary to join a declaration by the European Commission about making the river suitable for shipping and to use the 21 billion forints made available for this purpose, he added.

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