Majority of Hungarians want Budapest 2020 Olympics – paper/survey

Budapest, September 1 (MTI) – Hungary has a new president who is a former Olympic fencing champion and, until a few weeks ago the head of the country’s Olympic Committee, so it is perhaps understandable that support for the idea of a bid for the games is quite as high as it is: 70 percent of Hungarians say they want Budapest to bid for the 2020 event, according to a survey in Tuesday’s Nepszabadsag daily.

Fully three-quarters say that getting to host the games would be an historic achievement, the paper said, quoting a survey by Szonda Ipsos.

    Much of the enthusiasm centres on the potential benefits to the city in terms of infrastructure and transport development, but over half of respondents said that hosting the games would help to foster national unity, the paper added.

    But not quite so many are prepared to put their money where their mouth is. Asked if they’d be prepared to pay a tax to support the bid, 53 percent said yes, 38 percent said no and 9 percent were unsure or didn’t say.

    The municipality of Budapest strongly supports a plan presented by parliament’s sports committee last December to draw up a bill preparing for the bid. The issue is expected to appear on the agenda of the new parliament.