Leonardo’s dream in Debrecen

Debrecen – On Friday it was said to be ready till Sunday, but thanks to the Italian masters the Colossus was finished already on Saturday at the Baltazár Dezső Square, near the Modem in Debrecen.

This is the world premiere of the huge horse statue. Leonardo dreamed this 7,2 meters high horse sculpture 515 years ago. “The Real da Vinci” was first displayed in Florence at the Uffizi Gallery, for the second time at the Tokyo National Museum and now it’s in Debrecen.

The exhibition will be open from Thursday until 16th of November. The organizers expect around 200.000 visitors. Da Vinci wanted to create the Colossus from bronze. The statue shown in the exhibition is made from a special kind of fiberglass by the masters from Florence and Padua.

The Italians used 9000 notes and drafts to reconstruct the enormous and impressive horse, which was one of the masterpieces of Leonardo.

The legendary genius planned the gigantic sculpture for 16 years, but he only managed to make a small model of Colossus from clay. Later it was destroyed.