Justice minister submits changes to media law

Budapest, May 10 (MTI) – Justice Minister Tibor Navracsics on Thursday submitted an amendment proposal to Hungary’s media laws, designed to change their stipulations in line with a decision passed by the Constitutional Court last December.

According to parliament’s website, the proposal is aimed at changing rules concerning the protection of information sources in that journalists or content providers could not be obliged to reveal their informers. Under the penal procedures law, however, journalists could be obliged to name informers if necessitated by an investigation into some serious crime.


Under the changes, certain stipulations of the media law will not be applicable to the printed media, in response to the top court’s position that applying the law in a general way would give the media authority too broad controls.


The proposal, if passed by parliament, will also restrict the powers of the media commissioner to the electronic media, to eliminate “opportunities for excessive intervention” as established in the court decision.


Amending the media laws requires parliament’s two-thirds majority.


The passages annulled by the Constitutional Court will lose effect on May 31.