Jobbik MPs want prison sentence for denial of certain crimes

Budapest, September 15 (MTI) – The green Politics Can Be Different (LMP) party’s parliamentary leader on Wednesday accused the radical nationalist Jobbik party for applying double standards in connection with Jobbik’s call for imprisonment for the denial of certain crimes.

Andras Schiffer told MTI that Jobbik had “revealed its true nature” and that democratic freedoms were only important for them “as long as they were in the interest of protecting the far right”.

    Jobbik MPs are calling for people who deny the existence of certain crimes to be imprisoned, national daily Nepszabadsag reported on Wednesday. The paper said that the initiative of the three Jobbik deputies is clearly targeted at Gypsies.

    The Jobbik initiative makes use of a term — “Gypsy crime” — which has caused outrage in some sections of the mainstream.

     “Public discourse has for several decades prevented the solution of some pressing social problems, the exposition of well-known but officially non-recognised forms of crime, for instance Gypsy crime, and research into its roots,” the document says.

    Schiffer said that while radical nationalists were against imposing punishment for the denial of the Holocaust, they would punish others “for saying things they do not like”.

    ”Jobbik itself would resort to authoritarian methods if it had the chance,” Schiffer added.

    On the subject of using the term “Gypsy crime”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told parliament on Monday that while politics must take note of reality, he rejected teh idea of branding anyone a potential criminal on the basis of race or social background.

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