Hungary’s Orban says neo-liberalism past expiry date

Budapest, September 17 (MTI) – The time for experimenting with neo-liberalism is over; the authority of the market and its self-regulation is only a theory while the role of the state is the reality, Viktor Orban, head of the Fidesz centre-right government, told a conference of officials from the European People’s Party in Budapest on Friday.

Orban said that a new 180-degree change of course was needed, with much stricter regulations and monitoring of speculators, while those should be freed from burdens who create jobs and boost productivity.

    So-called speculators should be properly controlled not only because there is a crisis, Orban said, but because the future must be built on reality and values rather than airy notions of utopias and speculation.

    ”It is only in this way that we will avoid falling into another crisis trap,” he said.

    He said that on the basis of attending sessions of the European Council it can be said that Europe now sees the need for a paradigm shift.

    ”The Fidesz Hungarian government’s committed calling is to build a successful reality in Hungary and in Europe too,” he said, adding that if reality offers hope then people will opt for reality rather than misleading utopias.

    Speaking in connection with Hungary’s upcoming local elections, Orban said that the election was not about programmes but about what his government had done during its first 100 days in power.