Hungary’s main opposition makes further gains – Ipsos

Budapest, June 17 (MTI) – Hungary’s main opposition party made further gains in June while the ruling alliance nevertheless kept a large lead, a poll by Szonda Ipsos published in Friday’s Nepszabadsag shows.  

The main opposition Socialist party has added eight points to its base since April, while green party LMP has another two points, according to Ipsos’s survey, though it found that radical nationalist party Jobbik had lost five points.


The ruling alliance of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats have lost three points since April among core party supporters who would be ready to vote.


Ipsos said the Socialists had regained 800,000 supporters since its drubbing in the elections over a year ago and now the gap between the main opposition and Fidesz is at its narrowest. Just six months ago the gap between them was filled by almost two million voters.


Among party-affiliated voters with a definite intention to vote, Fidesz stood at 51 percent, the Socialists at 28 percent, Jobbik had 12 percent while LMP was on 7 percent.


The global figure, however, shows a massive pool of floating voters. Fully 51 percent of the whole sample was undecided, according to Ipsos.


The whole sample was divided between the ruling alliance and the opposition. Fidesz had the backing of 23 percent, the Socialists had the support of 13 percent, Jobbik was preferred by 7 percent while LMP’s support was a percentage point below the 5 percent threshold for a parliamentary mandate.

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