Hungary, Ukraine PMs hold talks in Kiev

Kiev, November 12 (MTI) – Prime ministers Viktor Orban of Hungary and Mikola Azarov of Ukraine held talks on developing bilateral relations, deepening economic cooperation and on Hungary’s support for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations in Kiev on Friday.

Orban told a news conference after the talks that Hungarian-Ukrainian relations had been neglected over the recent past but chances were high to boost them.

    ”The present constellation is very good because Ukraine’s current leaders have stabilised the country and I am working for the same in Hungary,” said Orban. “We are preparing for cooperation between two stable countries whose policies are predictable.”  

    Concerning Hungary’s forthcoming EU presidency, Orban said that the future road of the European Union led towards Ukraine.

    ”The EU can only gain more room and more influence with an aspiration in this direction,” he said.

    Orban said that the situation of Ukraine’s ethnic Hungarian minority featured high on the agenda. He agreed with his negotiating partners that great potential for the economic development lies in Transcarpathia, Ukraine’s westernmost region inhabited by many ethnic Hungarians.

    The Ukrainian leader expressed respect for the Hungarian community’s contribution to Ukraine’s economy.

    Asked about Hungarian support for lifting the EU’s visa requirement for Ukrainians, Orban said, “Hungary is not afraid of the Ukrainians, all the less so because most Ukrainian nationals entering it are ethnic Hungarians.

    ”We would like to enable law-abiding people to move without any obstacle between the two countries. For this reason, the Hungarian EU presidency will act accordingly,” said Orban.

    Azarov said he had asked Orban to support Hungary’s ethnic Ukrainian community’s endeavours to use its mother tongue and foster its culture. Orban promised to remove all obstacles from the mother-tongue education of Ukrainians in Hungary.

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