Hungary health care stowaways 400,000 – paper

Budapest, October 25 (MTI) – According to official figures some 400,000 people receive health care services without paying contributions, business daily Vilaggazdasag said on Thursday.

The paper added that the government is mulling more stringent regulations, under which patients will in the future be required to present not only their social security card but a photo ID or driving licence as well.


The exact number of “stowaways” is not known, as many people use somebody else’s social security card when seeing a doctor, the paper said, adding that the idea of upgrading social security cards with a photo has also been raised.


Social security control was made tighter in 2007, as a result of which the number of non-contributing patients was reduced from an estimated 1.3 million in 2006 to 442,000 in 2010.