Hungary has plan B in case of Greek exit, says Orban

Brussels, May 24 (MTI) – Hungary has a “plan B” to sustain its economy should Greece exit the euro zone, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Thursday.

Briefing the press about the EU summit, Orban said that leaders had adopted a helpful and friendly tone about Greece, and only solutions had been put forward that aimed to keep Greece within the euro zone. But the outcome would depend on the will of the Greek electorate, he said.


He told reporters that Hungary was ready with a contingency plan for how to access financial markets and sustain its economy should Greece fall out of the euro zone.


“The government has a plan B,” he said, adding that it had considered how to finance the country if the international government bond market froze up and how and where to intervene in the country’s budget if needed, as well as how to pump up growth with unorthodox measures.


He said, however, that EU leaders were working to make sure that “plan A” — keeping Greece on board — should be the final outcome.


Orban said that leaders had adopted a helpful and friendly tone about Greece, striving to bring home the message to Greek voters that while it was up to them to decide the country’s future, Europe could only help Greece get back on its feet if “they do not upset the solutions offered by the European Union and previously negotiated agreements”.


The prime minister, referring to fears expressed about the potential ungovernability in an EU member state, said that the most important quest was to ensure that, more than 20 years after the collapse of communism, the sustainability and stability of Europe’s democratic institutions should remain viable.