Hungary expects clarification of Slovenia PM’s critical remarks, says Martonyi

Budapest, June 24 (MTI) – Hungary expects a clarification of Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor’s recent critical remarks in connection with Hungary’s new constitution, Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi told parliament’s national security committee on Friday.  

This issue is basically “an embarrassment to Slovenia” and “we would not like to abuse the situation,” Martonyi said, answering a question from a committee member.


Concerning recent video recordings leaked on the internet in connection with Hungary’s ambassador in Minsk and his family, implying that his wife was having an affair with an Italian man, Martonyi said Hungary does not tolerate the “harassment of its diplomats” and he promised resolute steps in case such practices continue. It is unacceptable that illegal means are used to spy on diplomats and their family members, he added.


The ambassador in Minsk has become the target of attacks because Hungary currently holds the presidency of the European Union, Martonyi said. Belarus authorities have denied that their were involved in these attacks, he added.


Martonyi also said that the “threats and harassment” of ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia (Western Ukraine) was against the law in Ukraine. Such actions have stopped but Hungary will keep monitoring the situation, he added.


Press reports emerged in May that ethnic Hungarians had been questioned in Transcarpathia in connection with their applications for Hungarian citizenship.


Commenting on Romania’s plans to reshape its public administration system, Martonyi said Hungary had already expressed its reservations. The plans have not been finalised but Hungary will raise its voice if they are not in line with European norms, he added.


The visit of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in Hungary has great significance and a sign for the entire region that China considers Hungary a bridge head.


Martonyi said Hungarian diplomats will remain in Tripoli running diplomatic services for the entire European Union as long as necessary and he noted that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had recently expressed thanks for this.


Hungary’s EU Presidency is coming to a close and the country has successfully proven that it was able to fulfil all the tasks that the post involved, Martonyi said.


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