Hungary benefits from EU membership, says EP vice-president

Budapest, May 5 (MTI) – Membership of the European Union has carried more benefits than drawbacks for Hungary over the past eight years, and the country has become an integral part of the EU, Laszlo Surjan, Hungarian Vice-President of the European Parliament, said in Budapest on Saturday.

EU membership “is neither a blessing, nor a curse, but a task”, he said, addressing the opening of a series of events to mark Europe Day on May 9.


Although Hungary has entered into several disputes with the EU and some speak in critical terms about the 27-nation bloc, this is all part and parcel of democracy and criticism does not necessarily mean rejection, he said.


The vice-president noted that Hungary had been a net recipient of EU monies each year since 2004. Moreover, the country’s trade balance with the EU member states has been in the black and its surplus has kept on increasing since accession.


Eniko Gyori, State Secretary at the Foreign Ministry, cited the latest polls as clearly demonstrating that the proportion of Hungarians supporting integration and EU membership surpass the EU average.