Hungarians among worst at foreign languages in Europe – Eurostat

Brussels, September 24 (MTI) – Hungarians are among the worst in Europe at foreign languages: 74.8 percent of adults speak nothing other than their own language, according to a Eurostat report published on Friday.

Hungarians are only ahead of Romanians and Turks when it comes to speaking a foreign tongue, the Eurostat survey covering 2008 showed.

    Europe-wide, 38 percent lacked a foreign tongue in the 25-64 age group whereas 13.3 percent knew at least one foreign language fluently. In comparison only 5.8 percent of Hungarians in this age group said they spoke at least one foreign language fluently, whereas another 7.2 percent professed middling foreign-language skills.

    In the whole of Europe, 79 percent of primary school pupils study a foreign language and 83 percent of secondary-school students do so. In Hungary, this compares to 33 percent and 78 percent respectively, the survey showed.

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