Hungarian swims across Strait of Gibraltar

Budapest, September 22 (MTI) – Laszlo Bajzath, a firefighter and amateur diver, also known as “the iron man” in his locality of Mezokovesd in northeast Hungary, told MTI on Wednesday that he had swum across the Strait of Gibraltar.

Bajzath said he had crossed the strait in 5 hours and 47 minutes on Tuesday. He added that he had to cope with strong winds and various underwater currents but a Spanish rescue team was watching over him.

    He said he had been preaparing for the swim for nearly a year, which also involved acquiring all the necessary permits to use international waters.

    Bajzath, a member of the Neptun Diving Club in Miskolc, has attracted attention with several extraordinary sport achievements in the past. Each January he dives without any protective clothing or equipment in a lake near Mezokovesd, which has water temperature of around 1 degree Celsius. He dives several tens of metres under ice and comes to the surface where holes are cut in the ice.

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