Hospital association wants tax on unhealthy foods to cover more areas – paper

Budapest, June 23 (MTI) – A hospital association has welcomed a new law taxing unhealthy foods, but at the same time it wants the tax to cover more areas and for national health insurance to be withdrawn in the case of treatments for the injuries of extreme sportsmen and reckless drivers.  

The Strategic Association for Hungarian Hospitals, which was behind the original proposals for the tax on unhealthy food, said it was sorry to see that tobacco and alcohol had been left out of the range of products to be taxed extra, Gabor Csiba, the head of the organisation, told Thursday’s Magyar Nemzet daily.


Csiba said tobacco and alcohol — the two products most damaging to health — should bear an additional tax equal to 10 percent of excise duty.


He added that an extreme tax should also be implemented for those causing accidents while drunk driving or speeding and for those who hurt themselves in their pursuit of extreme sports. Injuries of the latter group should not be covered by national health insurance, Csiba said.


The government on Tuesday decided to levy a tax from September on food and drinks with high sugar, salt, carbohydrate and caffeine content.