Gyurcsany has failed to clear himself of plagiarism charge, says Fidesz official

Budapest, May 3 (MTI) – Former Socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany has failed to clear himself of the charge that he had copied his graduation dissertation, Fidesz spokeswoman Gabriella Selmeczi said in a statement on Thursday.

Gyurcsany gave an interview to commercial television station ATV on Wednesday evening, saying that a part of the writing and source material for his dissertation — which had been reported shredded by his alma mater, the University of Pecs, in 2004 — had been inspired by material contained in the Lake Balaton home of his former wife’s family, but that he had not copied his ex-brother-in-law’s dissertation.


Selmeczi said that Gyurcsany had attempted to “explain the inexplicable” in his ATV interview, but had “not succeeded in clearing himself”.


Gyurcsany, who says he has no copy of the document in question, vowed earlier to sue anyone who claimed that he had plagiarised his thesis. In an interview to commercial news channel HirTV — the broadcaster that made an investigative report on the case — he said it was suspicious that his thesis had disappeared from the college.


The university on Wednesday said it had filed a report with the police on account of the missing thesis.