Gyurcsany faces prosecution for contested casino project, says govt official

Budapest, November 3 (MTI) – Ex-prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany could soon face criminal prosecution in connection with his involvement in a contested casino project in central Hungary, the government commissioner in charge of investigations into privatisation deals said on Wednesday.

Gyula Budai noted the deputy chief public prosecutor told a Tuesday session of parliament that an affected person’s right of immunity is under review and Budai concluded that this person must be Gyurcsany.

    Budai said he trusted the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office would not “cover up” for Gyurcsany.

    Csaba Molnar, deputy head of the Socialist Party’s Democratic Coalition platform, interpreted Budai’s words as a “brutal, public threat” to the chief public prosecutor and a political order placed with the judiciary.

    ”The message is that Fidesz expects the chief public prosecutor to start criminal procedures against Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s major political opponent, Ferenc Gyurcsany,” he said.

    Orban wants to land Gyurcsany in prison because he dreads him, said Molnar.

    Budai said on July 28 he had proof that earlier prime ministers Gordon Bajnai and Gyurcsany had misled the public prosecutor when asked about the development project which is believed to have caused major losses to the Hungarian state.     Bajnai and Gyurcsany have both rejected the accusations and have filed lawsuits against Budai.

    The one-billion-dollar investment has been planned for a tract of land near the village of Sukoro next to Lake Velence in central Hungary. The project’s defenders said it would have served to boost local tourism and created 3,000 jobs around the lake.