Green LMP willing to return to constitution committee

Budapest, November 4 (MTI) – The opposition green party Politics Can Be Different (LMP) is willing to resume work in a parliamentary committee drawing up the new constitution if the government withdraws plans to curb the authority of the Constitutional Court and restrict referendums, the party said in a statement on Thursday.

LMP welcomes the governing Fidesz’s coordination talks with trade unions about changes to the planned 98 percent tax on severance pay above 2 million forints (EUR 7,200), the party said.

    LMP had already proposed earlier that the special tax should not be applicable to severance pay granted in line with the law. Additionally, it criticised proposals under which the tax would not apply to several cases of outrageously high severance pays granted in the past few years.

    The party is now requesting the governing side to reconsider LMP’s earlier amendment proposal to change the labour code. As a result, it would be unnecessary to curb the authority of the Constitutional Court and it would also facilitate to withdraw “morally uneccaptable” severance payments from earlier years “in a constitutional way”.