Govt proposes law enforcement officers on early retirement should get taxable earnings, says spokes

Budapest, June 4 (MTI) – Retired law enforcement employees who are below the retirement age but do not wish to return to work will receive taxable earnings, not a tax-free pension, the prime minister’s spokesman told MTI on Saturday.  

Peter Szijjarto said those payments will not be paid from the pension fund.


Law enforcement and fire-services unions are in talks with the government over a scheme to compensate them for losing an early retirement option, after the government scraps it, as planned.


On Friday, a spokesman said the government proposal now on the table would allow law enforcement workers to retire early, but would impose a tax on their pensions, while raising their entitlement.


Szijjarto told MTI that changes to the pension system will be put to parliament in the autumn session.


Related bills will seek to keep people working longer and will aim to stabilise the pension system, he said.


Police in the end did not cordon off a part of the street where Prime Minister Viktor Orban lives on Friday as earlier reported by website The move would have been intended as a precaution, as law enforcement and fire services representatives said they would demonstrate in front of the house, without specifying a date or time.


In a blog entry on Saturday, former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany asked unions to refrain from demonstrating in front of Orban’s house, as this would invade his family’s privacy.