Govt condemns scare-mongering about bank deposit nationalisation

Budapest, June 3 (MTI) – A rumour on the internet that the Hungarian government plans to nationalise bank deposits is utterly false, government spokesperson Anna Nagy told an unscheduled press conference in Budapest on Friday.  

discover the suspected scare-mongers, she said.


Nagy said that scare-mongering is a crime, and the perpetrator could face a prison term of up to three years.


PSZAF Spokesperson Istvan Binder said the rumour, posted on the internet on Thursday, was making rounds in the form of electronic messages on a public mailing list.


It said the European Commission would impose some kind of sanction on Hungary, which the government can only offset by trying to freeze domestic bank deposits of over 2 million forints.


Nagy, without giving any further details, said so far two suspects had been identified.