Four countries sign agreement on collection of fines for traffic violations – Salzburg Forum

Budapest, October 11 (MTI) – Senior government officials of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary signed an agreement on Thursday enabling the collection of fines for traffic violations in each other’s countries from next year.

The ministers attended a session of the Salzburg Forum for security partnership in Central Europe.


Sandor Pinter, Hungary’s minister of the interior, and Croatian deputy minister Nebojsa Kirgin also signed a bilateral agreement linked to the Danube Strategy to set up a Danube Police Coordination Centre to fight crime on the river.


Pinter said according to an EU target, fatal road accidents should be eliminated by the year 2050, and the agreement on the collection of fines will serve this aim. Commenting on the Danube centre, he said it will function as a joint control point, and expressed hope that Serbia would join the agreement in the future.


Austria’s minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said the Salzburg Forum, set up at Austria’s initiative, had grown to become one of Europe’s most important cooperation platforms for public security.


The new agreement will enable the signatory countries to collect traffic fines above 50 euros in each other’s countries. As a result, no drivers will be able to, eg, speed without consequences in these four countries.