Foundation set up to promote Jewish-Christian dialogue

Budapest, May 18 (MTI) – A foundation called All Together for Jerusalem has been set up in Hungary to encourage Jewish-Christian dialogue.

The deed of foundation was signed by Peter Feldmajer, president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary (Mazsihisz), and Sandor Nemeth, head pastor of the Faith Church, on Friday.


The foundation will study, represent and popularise Jerusalem’s future and past as well as its intellectual, religious and cultural significance to promote Jewish-Christian dialogue and strengthen the values of Jewish-Christian civilisation, Feldmajer told reporters.


He said that Jerusalem should remain the united capital of today’s Israel, a city that “gives freedom to Christian, Jewish and Muslim people alike”.


“Those who want to divide Jerusalem want to divide the world,” he said, adding that the city should remain “the capital of all”.


Nemeth said that “Jerusalem should stand at the centre of the defence of Jewish-Christian values”.


He said that the foundation would also fight against anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and racism.


Nemeth suggested that Hungary, just as other countries, should relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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