Fidesz, LMP politicians hold debate on voter pre-registration

Budapest, October 3 (MTI) – Hungary’s ruling Fidesz considers new rules on compulsory voter registration prior to elections a necessity to holding the next vote in 2014, while the small opposition LMP believes the changes are unnecessary and too restrictive for voters.

Fidesz deputy leader Lajos Kosa said in a public debate held on Wednesday evening that it is impossible to enfranchise Hungarians beyond the border — a key goal for Fidesz — without the new election rules, currently under debate in parliament. He said the aim of the legislative changes was to give Hungarian citizens outside Hungary voting rights and to prevent vote-buying and other abuses seen at the 2002 and 2006 elections.


Gergely Karacsony, the deputy parliamentary leader of LMP, said registration was an unnecessary curtailement for those who reside in Hungary and it was an infringement on voting rights that went against the constitution and international agreements for no legitimate goals.