Fidesz calls on Gyurcsany answer “basic questions” in plagiarism scandal

Budapest, May 5 (MTI) – Ferenc Gyurscany, the former prime minister who leads the leftist Democratic Coalition, should clear himself once and for all of the charge that he copied his graduation dissertation, Fidesz spokeswoman Gabriella Selmeczi said on Saturday.

In a statement, Selmeczi said Gyurcsany was by now a laughing-stock.


“When will he notice that he is by now pathetic and everyone is laughing at him, including his one-time left-wing comrades?” she wrote.


Gyurcsany is accused of having copied the dissertation of his brother-in-law in 1984.


The Fidesz politician said Gyurcsany should make clear what he meant by “used and spooned out” when it came to the work of his brother-in-law written in 1980, and why the two graduation papers shared the same title and, according to records, exactly the same number of pages.


The Democratic Coalition said in a statement to MTI on Saturday that Gyurcsany would sue HirTV, the television news channel which investigated the case.

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