EU Presidency – No need for Hungarian mediation in Libya, says Ashton

Budapest, February 25 (MTI) – The Hungarian EU presidency did an excellent job in coordinating action related to Libya amidst difficult conditions but at present there is no need for it to mediate on behalf of the EU, Catherine Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, told reporters in Godollo on Friday.

Now the UN Security Council should play a key role in mediation, Ashton said after attending an informal meeting of EU defence ministers.

    Ashton said there wasn’t any direct, separate channel of dialogue between Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi and the European Union, everything happened in public.

    Commenting on the postponement of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership summit from the originally planned date in May, she said there were technical reasons for the decision because more time is needed to prepare the summit.

    Ashton said the postponement had been a “purely logical decision.”

    ”We wanted the summit to have a good agenda (…) and we wanted to win some time for coordination with other countries,” she added.

    The decision was made by the Hungarian presidency, after consultations with Poland and the European Commission, she said.

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