Constitution – Jobbik decides against preparing own draft

Budapest, February 18 (MTI) – Radical nationalist party Jobbik will not prepare its draft to the Constitution by March 15 because it considers the governing Fidesz party’s attitude to opposition proposals hypocritical, MEP Dora Duro said on Friday.

Almost every opposition proposal has been refused so far, which shows that Fidesz wants to have a “Constitution based on party power”.

    The opposition party submitted as many as 49 proposals in the debate about the concept draft this week, and only one of these has been approved, said Duro.

    Such proposals, considered “vitally important” to the party, have been rejected as keeping Hungarian land in Hungarian ownership, granting voting rights to ethnic Hungarians beyond the borders and excluding former Communist leaders from power, said Duro and another Jobbik MP, Tamas Gaudi-Nagy.

    The party’s proposals give a framework for a new Constitution Jobbik would consider desirable, but the timeframe available until March 15 is not sufficient to prepare a proper draft, she said.